Friday, January 1, 2010

Ann hathaway. Pictures.

Ann hathaway...

ann hathawayann hathawayann hathawayann hathawayann hathaway
What movie (s) has ....? Seen several times ... even if its big or not? and make you own it on DVD or VHS? You can list as many as you want ... but choose your favorite and are ... What makes you look again and again. I ask because I just saw a commercial that Princess Diaries will be on ABC soon ... I have, but at any time on your TV, I try to see it ... because its pretty and I love Ann Hathaway ... but not my favorite of all time ... That's a tie between the old 1983 movie War Games (I have not either! Need! Children Step havent seen yet.) I like it because ... its just clean! The other is Twister ... Excellent graphics! Great story! Love Helen Hunt ... and the scene where things take off in the tornado ... I love the sound effect! It sounds great through our music. Ok, what's yours? o)
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